• LaserCUSING®
    Source: Nanyang Polytechnic

Materials for laser melting with metals

Batch materials are converted into powder form using an atomisation process. The nature of the powder and the distribution of the powder fractions have been optimised for the process and process control.

All Concept Laser powder materials are 100% compatible for re-use in subsequent construction processes.
No fresh material
has to be added. Typical layer thicknesses for all materials are 20-100 µm.

The LaserCUSING® machines are suitable among other things for processing the following material groups:

High-grade steels
Hot-work steels
Stainless hot-work steels
Aluminium alloys

Nickel-base alloys
Titanium alloys

Pure titanium

Cobalt-chromium alloys

Bronze alloys
Precious-metal alloys


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