• LaserCUSING®
    Source: Concept Laser GmbH

The technology

In the metal laser melting process, standard commercial batch materials in powder form are locally fused by a high-energy fibre laser. During the laser process, the one-component metal powder is completely fused. Following setting, the material solidifies. This means that the finished component is provided with almost ideal material properties.

The contour of the component is produced by directing the laser beam using a mirror deflecting unit (scanner). The component is built up layer by layer by lowering the bottom of the installation space, applying more powder and melting again.


The process offers the following advantages:

Freedom of geometry – complex component geometries or component geometries which cannot be produced by conventional means can be produced without using any tools with the laser melting process. There are no limits on the fabrication of components with hollow or grid structures on the inside with this technology.

green technology - The LaserCUSING® process is a production process which produces almost no waste. Metal powder which has not been melted can be fully reused without any material being lost for further processes. Furthermore, the laser process is almost emission-free. Thanks to the high level of efficiency of the laser systems which are used at Concept Laser, the energy which is introduced is efficiently converted into working capacity.

Near net shape – The production of components with a near-net-shape or ready-to-install geometry shortens the fabrication time and saves costs.