CL WRX suite: Configure LaserCUSING® intelligently

Our CL WRX software suite offers you all the possibilities and freedoms you need to influence the build process in 3D metal printing in a targeted way.

Attuned to the specific task in hand for a component, you have the option to use our software modules in different dimensions:

  • Safe: Additive manufacturing based on tried-and-tested default parameters
  • Fast: Additive manufacturing at high speeds
  • High-quality: Additive manufacturing with the highest level of quality
  • Scalable: Additive manufacturing right through to industrial series production

Our CL WRX suite allows you to make intelligent use of and deliberately link together hardware and software at the cutting edge of manufacturing.

CL WRX 2.0


CL WRX 2.0 is our software suite that is divided up into three different requirement areas:

  • CL WRX Control 2.0

  • CL WRX Office 2.0

  • CL WRX Parameter 2.0

The CL WRX Control 2.0 software is supplied with all our LaserCUSING® machines and offers an all-round starter package for the user. It allows component data to be imported, the component to be positioned on the build plate and to be provided with a component parameter. From a reliable estimate of the build time, for calculating build job costs, through to linking to an ERP system, CL WRX Control 2.0 helps you to manage the challenges of modern day-to-day production. 

The most striking benefit of CL WRX Control 2.0 is its user-friendly software interface. The user can learn easily, quickly and intuitively how to set up the machine, move the axes and archive all relevant data. This means that even inexperienced users can quickly prepare their first components using the LaserCUSING® process with relatively little effort.

One strength of CL WRX Control 2.0 is the fact that five important process settings can be freely edited. With each LaserCUSING® machine purchased and for all material purchased through Concept Laser, the customer is also given one quality parameter and one speed parameter, where available, free of charge.  Whereas the speed parameter focuses primarily on the speed along with good quality, the quality parameter delivers excellent quality with a reduced speed. The user’s application dictates which parameter is used. But what they both have in common is that with the CL WRX Control software the five most important process settings can be viewed and varied absolutely:

  • Laser power

  • Scan speed

  • Track pitch

  • Spot size

  • Offset to original contour

These configuration options enable the user to achieve application-based optimizations for a perfect result.

The technical requirements grow over time. This is why we continue to develop the CL WRX Control 2.0 machine software. With regular updates, new features can constantly be implemented for users in order to continuously improve the performance of the machine. CL WRX Control 2.0 helps all users to grow with the assignments in hand and gain vital experience.


With the CL WRX Office 2.0 software solution, we also make it possible to configure a build job from the comfort of an office workstation. The relocation of operations that do not necessarily need to be performed on the machine is both efficient and effective. The next build job is created at a desk. Machine downtimes are thus reduced to a minimum. For users, the Office version provides a more reliable and more convenient place to work. CL WRX Office 2.0 means relaxation, optimized processes and a focus on what matters.

Expand the standard package with CL WRX Parameter 2.0: More ambitious applications, for example the qualification of new materials or products, but also the fabrication of specific geometries require processing and disclosure of all parameter characteristics. These sophisticated users include research institutions and industrial customers, in particular from the aerospace and medical technology sectors. For these ambitious target groups, Concept Laser offers the CL WRX Parameter 2.0 software.

For all material acquired from Concept Laser, the customer optionally receives the speed parameter or quality parameter, where available, completely open and for individual adjustment. But the user can also purchase the other parameters in each case for a charge. With CL WRX Parameter 2.0 you can see all parameter characteristics as absolute values and can vary them. In this case, the user is invariably provided with the same tools which the development department at Concept Laser also uses to develop parameters. The CL WRX Parameter 2.0 software tool can likewise be stored on a PC and can thus be edited directly at an office workstation.

Before the user can utilize CL WRX Parameter 2.0, a license purchase for the software and training from Concept Laser is absolutely essential. During the training, the expert will be specifically shown how to use the tool. This will include details of methodical approaches to qualification of new materials and the complex relationships between the parameter options.

The software license is for a limited period of time. Customers of Concept Laser that enter into a software maintenance contract therefore receive regular updates to their CL WRX Parameter 2.0 software. This enables you to access experiences from the group of LaserCUSING® users and they are always right up-to-date.

CL WRX 3.0



The CL WRX 3.0 software represents the next level for us – industrial series production. Our latest machine solution for the economical series production of additive components, the M LINE FACTORY, is supplied with a new, state-of-the-art, user-friendly and individually expandable software solution, CL WRX 3.0.

As well as higher requirements for the machine construction, the leap to additive series manufacturing does of course also place new demands on the corresponding software and the operation of it. The tasks in hand in a “smart factory” are growing: certain operating processes must be transferred to trained specialists, component data must be prepared in a reproducible way, and machine data must be recorded continuously and permanently. It is increasingly necessary to control and monitor an entire fleet of machines, in line with our vision of the “AM Factory of Tomorrow.”

Just like the concept of the M LINE FACTORY, CL WRX 3.0 is a crucial step towards the future of the series production of additive components. The user is provided with an extensive software suite with a “state-of-the-art” industrial design. CL WRX 3.0 is divided up into various user roles:

  • CL WRX Office 3.0 – for preparing a new build job from any workstation, also via web-based mobile terminals,
  • CL WRX Manager 3.0 – for allocating print jobs and monitoring the overall fleet of machines in a “smart factory,” also via web-based mobile terminals, 
  • CL WRX PRD 3.0 – for controlling the interlinked production modules (production units), such as the powder, build and overflow modules,
  • CL WRX PCG 3.0 – for controlling the process modules (processing units) in set-up and disarming processes as well as power management tasks.


The individual software modules of CL WRX 3.0 are linked together in an intelligent way and connected to a central CL WRX server. This server calculates entire build jobs in advance. It archives machine and process monitoring data and therefore forms the heart and the brain of our software architecture.

CL WRX 3.0 is also scalable to the particular application in question: If there is just one single machine, all software modules can also be operated on one single computer by one single user. There is no upper limit.