Mlab cusing / Mlab cusing R

The Mlab cusing and Mlab cusing R are the ideal machines for manufacturing parts with delicate structures. It is perfect when additionally high surface quality is what really matter! The special thing about the machine is its very user-friendly, pull-out drawer system that is very safe at the same time. This includes both the build chamber with dose chamber and the storage container. In addition, it allows a rapid change of material without the risk of any contamination of powder materials. The patented drawer system is available with three different build envelope versions.

The Mlab cusing R now also expands the previous range of materials to include titanium and titanium alloys. It also boasts the patented “drawer principle” and handling station for safe and secure handling of reactive materials. The robustly constructed machines are space-saving and will fit through the door of any room.

Build envelope: 50 x 50 x 80 mm3 (x,y,z)

70 x 70 x 80 mm3 (x,y,z)

90 x 90 x 80 mm3 (x,y,z)

Laser system: Fibre laser 100 W (cw)

Data preparation software: Materialise Build Processor for Concept Laser


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Mlab cusing 200R

The Mlab cusing 200R is the perfect machine for high surface quality and the finest part structures. In contrast to the Mlab cusing R it makes it possible to manufacture even larger parts  with much greater productivity, without the machine losing any of its familiar compactness. The Mlab cusing 200R boasts a new user-oriented design, with a larger build envelope (54% more build volume), a higher laser power of 200 watts and a space-efficient footprint. In addition, the new machine includes a larger filter, resulting in longer filter lifespans, and a clamping system which enables more accurate component positioning.

Special features are the water-floodable filter and the modular structure of the machine. The process chamber and handling station are physically separate and enable safe and easy component handling. All process steps take place under inert gas, shielded from external influences. The whole process can therefore be implemented reliably and with the maximum quality level.


Build envelope: 100 x 100 x 100 mm3 (x,y,z)

70 x 70 x 80 mm3 (x,y,z)

50 x 50 x 80 mm3 (x,y,z)

Laser system: Fibre laser 200 W (cw)

Data preparation software: Materialise Build Processor for Concept Laser



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M2 cusing / M2 cusing Multilaser

The M2 cusing and M2 cusing Multilaser are designed to handle reactive materials safely. Like all machine solutions from Concept Laser, the M2 cusing/ M2 cusing Multilaser also boast physical separation of the process chamber and handling area to make them user-friendly and safe to operate.

The machine is robust and suitable for 3-shift operation. In addition, the laser source and filter technology are integrated within the system, which results in a low space demand overall. The large filter surface area of 20 m2significantly reduces the filter change intervals, thus increasing the level of machine availability. Moreover, the M2 cusing/ M2 cusing Multilaser boasts a water-floodable filter as standard, thus guaranteeing that the filter can be changed safely. In comparison to the M2 cusing, the M2 cusing Multilaser is available with two lasers.

Build envelope: 250 x 250 x 350 mm3 (x,y,z)

M2 cusing laser system: Fibre laser 400 W (cw), optional 200 W (cw)


M2 cusing Multilaser laser system: Fibre laser 2 x 400 W (cw), optional 200 W (cw)

Data preparation software:
Materialise Build Processor for Concept Laser







The M LINE FACTORY offers a new type of modular machine architecture which offers an unprecedented level of automation and innovation, that allows economical series production on an industrial scale.

The basic idea is to physically decouple the machine units used for part production and for set-up and dismantling processes. These tasks can now be carried out in parallel and physically separately from one another thanks to the modular architecture.  As a result, current stoppage times for the machines, as a result of manual processes such as supplying or exhausting metal powder, are reduced to a minimum. This will deliver considerable time and cost savings. The M LINE FACTORY LPS is the laser processing station, consisting of the dose, build and overflow modules, whereas the M LINE FACTORY MHS, the material handling station, is responsible for set-up and dismantling processes as well as powder management. In addition, any number of machines can be linked together, thus creating fully automated machine networks that “communicate” with one another. But it is not just the interaction between the machines but also the “technological inner workings” that refect the great amount of development work that has been done in recent years, such as:


·       the time-saving exposure coating strategy with supreme quality standards

·       redundancy of build plate cover thanks to the lasers

·       switchable filter units for maximum machine running time

·       completely redeveloped and modular software, designed for series production

·       unique innovative safety concept

·       the automatic tool changover without any interruption to part production is also under preparation


The M LINE FACTORY forms the core element of our production concept of the “AM Factory of Tomorrow,” which also envisages linking up with traditional manufacturing methods, e.g. in the post-processing of the parts. The concept consistently implements the basic idea of “Industrie 4.0” with a focus on delivering a “smart factory.” Consistent automation, interlinking and digitization of all processes ultimately allows the economical series production of additively manufactured metal parts.

Build envelope: 500 x 500 x up to 400 mm3 (x,y,z) (further z-axis increase under deveolpment)

Laser system: 3D-optics with maximum power of 4 x 1 kW


Data preparation software: Materialise Build Processor for Concept Laser



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X LINE 2000R












The X LINE 2000R is the world’s largest metal melting machine (160 l build volume) for the toolless manufacture of large functional components and technical prototypes with series-identical (also reactive) material properties.

The highlights include automated powder transport, which can even be used during an ongoing build process. Consequently there is no need at all for an operator to handle the powder. In addition, the X LINE 2000R has a rotating mechanism so that two build modules can be used reciprocally, thus guaranteeing constant production without any downtimes. The centrepiece, the dual laser system, operates with two lasers that each output 1000 W.

Building envelope: 800 x 400 x 500
mm3 (x,y,z)

Laser system: Fibre laser 2 x 1 kW (cw)

Data preparation software: Materialise Build Processor for Concept Laser