Great performance from the X line 2000R

The aerospace and automotive industries are the beating heart of the heavy machinery sector. The main focus for these twin driving forces is on large components, and both sectors have a keen interest in higher build rates.

This is where our largest model, the X line 2000R, comes in, offering an even larger build envelope (800 x 400 x 500 mm3) (l x w x h). By way of comparison an X line 1000R offers 630 x 400 x 500 mm3 (l x w x h). The X line 2000R increases build volume by almost 27%, from 126 l to 160 l.

At its heart is the dual laser system, with each laser offering 1000 watts of power. This allows the build area to be exposed simultaneously from two different positions. The X line 2000R also has a new sieving station that uses a quiet vibrating sieve instead of the tumbler sieve. The concept is incredibly compact, as the oversized particle container is now smaller, and has been integrated into the sieving station.

The new sieving unit reduces the system’s footprint – and its fully enclosed design keeps the surrounding area clean and uncluttered. The dose unit has also been redesigned, and the dose chamber is now filled completely in a single cycle.