A breath of fresh air at the IDS 2015

New, the M2 cusing from Concept Laser, also with 2 x 200 W laser technology, for dental laboratories

Materials expertise expanded for dental Technology

Lichtenfels, Germany, 3/10/2015: Dental laboratories with additive production facilities work as service providers for conventional dental laboratories and dentists. As central service providers, they use laser melting with metals for the industrial production of custom-fit and inexpensive dentures.

In contrast to conventional manual milling and casting techniques, the industrial approach of laser melting with metals as a "digital" business model provides a few new options in terms of geometrical freedom, speed, pricing and volume throughput. This success in dental technology is also based on the new approach of a consistent digital process chain. From the inter-oral scanner at the dentist up to custom-fit implants, nowadays dentures can be created within a very short space of time. Looking to the future, manually manufactured dentures will not be able to keep up with this trend. New structural solutions, for example for bridge structures, resulting from selective sealing or the high geometrical freedom of the technique, also underline the strategic significance of this technology for the dental sector.

Dental laboratories as sophisticated market segment

In mechanical and systems engineering, Concept Laser accompanies the dental sector with attractive solutions for machines and materials. The fast-growing acceptance of additive manufacturing in dental technology is reflected by the above-average growth figures of Concept Laser. For example, the turnover in 2014 shot up by 75% compared to the previous year. Oliver Edelmann, Vice President Global Sales & Marketing, of Concept Laser: "Although dental technology is not the greatest mainstay of turnover, it is a technically very sophisticated segment that is continuously growing and also has extensive potential worldwide. At the IDS 2015, with the new M2 cusing and our materials expertise, we are focusing on the specific requirements of digital dental laboratories."

M2 cusing - "multilaser tuning" for dental technology

The most important model for dental technology is the "small" Mlab cusing series, from Lichtenfels, Germany. The key feature of the Mlab cusing R is the "drawer principle" with a handling station for the safe handling of material. The patented drawer principle from Concept Laser allows material to be changed quickly without any risk of contaminating powder materials. Furthermore, the pull-out drawer system is regarded as extremely user friendly. It includes the build chamber with dosing chamber, as well as the storage container. The drawer system is available in three different build chamber variants: 50 x 50, 70 x 70 and 90 x 90 mm. The build chamber height is always 80 mm. The drawer principle enables the application of different build chambers in a single machine. The user can easily replace the drawers and, in this way, remains flexible.

Concept Laser is focusing on its new M2 cusing at the IDS 2015. Oliver Edelmann: "The 200 W laser is of particular interest to dental technology. It makes very sophisticated components possible, which are ideal for multi-unit bridge structures. Extremely high surface quality is the result. A new feature is the multilaser technology with 2 x 200 W lasers, which can, of course, also process reactive materials, such as titanium.

Comparison between M2 cusing and M2 cusing multilaser

The M2 cusing multilaser makes it possible, due to its 2 x 200W lasers, to produce in the same time 80% - 100% more components than the M2 cusing with 1 x 200W laser. The increase is dependent on the geometry of the corresponding component. These solutions with multilaser technology are interesting to digital service centers with a tendency to industrial mass production. However, the "small" Mlab cusing also remains an attractive option, as Oliver Edelmann explains: "The entry-level model with small build spaces in XS format is a good opportunity for newcomers to adapt their dental skills to "digital" applications and tap new potentials for the creation of value." Two Mlab cusing Rs for the production of dentures of bio-compatible titanium can be found at the IDS trade fair booths of Dentaurum and Nobil Metal.

M2 cusing successful with a new filter concept and an encapsulated glove box system

The new M2 cusing is remarkable for its user and service friendly modular and fully integrated design. There are no "satellite solutions" any more for the laser source and filter technology. This closed solution provides advantages to dental laboratories, such as greater access to the system components and reduced space requirements. The further development of the system technology of the M2 cusing is also demonstrated by a completely new filter concept. The filter surface has been increased by a factor of 5 (previously 4 m², now 20 m²). The new filter module was designed with fixed tubing and has been completely integrated in the system. This means the changeover interval of the filter can be significantly reduced and the overall availability of the system increased. This is especially noticeable when multilaser technology is used, with the accompanying increase in smoke particles. "Significantly faster build rates require reliable filter change concepts. Every filter change has to be quick and easy. We have developed the new filter technology particularly under safety-relevant aspects based on the ATEX directive," explains Oliver Edelmann. Thus the M2 cusing comes standard with a filter that can be immersed in water in order to guarantee safety when changing the filter. The filter can be changed without touching a reactive filter cartridge. A high emphasis is placed on convenience and safety with the M2 cusing: the component is removed outside the process chamber in an encapsulated glove box system.

Materials expertise in CoCr alloys and NEM constructions

The certification and validation of materials for additive dentures are of great significance to the dental sector. Classical materials include the certified quality materials remanium star CL and rematitan CL from Dentaurum. Remanium star CL is distinguished by excellent veneering capability based on a low thermal expansion coefficient, provides very high breaking elongation and is carbon free. On the other hand, titanium is even bio-compatible. Titanium is therefore recommended as an ideal dental material for allergy sufferers. The biological benefits are utilized in combination with laser melting and ceramic veneering. The mechanical properties of rematitan CL are comparable to cobalt-chromium alloys, however its elastic modulus is half that of cobalt-chromium. Titanium has not only caught up with non-precious metal alloys in terms of its importance, it has surpassed them. The LaserCUSING process on a Concept Laser Mlab cusing R or M2 cusing allows the economical production of caps, bridge structures, cast parts, primary and secondary structures, as well as implant supra-constructions made of the pulverized titanium alloy rematitan CL. Titanium is suited ideally for the combination of high rigidity and strength, e.g. for thin removable partial dentures, parts with thin cross sections or braces.

Palladium-based dental fire-bonded alloy - PAL KERAMIT 3-S from Nobil Metal

The new precious metal powder PAL KERAMIT 3-S from Nobil Metal is introduced at the IDS 2015. The material is bio-compatible and certified. It is a further development of the established dental alloy PAL KERAMIT 3, a palladium-based fire-bonded alloy. The composition is distinguished by good compatibility with conventional veneering ceramics, a light oxide and low specific density, resulting in good value for money. Furthermore, PAL KERAMIT 3-S is easy to process and is also suitable for complex structures, such as implant bridges. The entire powder production process is certified according to EN ISO 9001-13485.

The company Nobil Metal from Italy has been operating in the area of powder metallurgy for the dental sector for a long time and therefore has a wealth of experience in this area.