Successful customer and sales partner event in 2014

The "LaserCUSING® family" gathered on September 22 & 23, 2014 to exchange experiences with additive manufacturing strategies. The last meeting took place two years ago in 2012, so there was a plethora of new developments to discuss related to the LaserCUSING®. The two-day event was held at a conference hotel in Bamberg in order to accommodate the crowds. Oliver Edelmann: "Since our process, our products and product-related services are undergoing phenomenal development, we want to supply our customers and partners with new information on an ongoing basis."

Around 170 participants from more than 20 different countries took part in the event. Concept Laser employees shared information from their respective specialist disciplines: Service, R&D, Product Management and Sales.

The participants also listened with interest to presentations given by external parties on areas application and sectors. Some were technical presentations from the speaker's own industry, while others were interdisciplinary in nature, from the perspective of other sectors – which provided an opportunity to apply the insights presented to one's own industry. These presentations focused on the sectors of medical and dental technology, automotive, aerospace, effective component design and jewelry applications, as well as new software developments.

Speakers working in areas experiencing rapid growth were received with great interest. Among them were representatives of Fraunhofer IWU, Daimler, Airbus, Dentaurum, Tsunami, Within and Materialise, who illuminated the specialized aspects of laser melting in their specific area of application.

The response among participants was highly positive: the platform was very welcome as an opportunity to share information about new trends, to exchange experiences and for informal networking. We are already looking forward to the next gathering!