World record: largest laser melting part introduced

The LaserCUSING® process continues to set standards. This time, it looked like we might have been aiming for the record books. With our X line 1000R, which features the largest assembly space of its kind (630 x 400 x 500 mm), a Concept Laser customer manufactured a transmission part from aluminum of spectacular dimensions (474 x 367 x 480 mm not including the height of the build platform), breaking new ground in the industry.

The powder-bed-based laser melting process of the 1000-watt-class X line 1000R boasts an impressive build rate of 65 cm³/h. Hybrid construction methods allow geometries that are somewhat above “basic” build envelope dimensions as needed, with heights of up to 540 mm.

This new development is bound to catch on. Our customer base is currently very enthusiastic about the possibility of large components and new applications for everything from automotive, power plant and turbine construction to the aerospace industry. Nevertheless, the XXL range still has lots of room to grow: engineers are only beginning to think about future applications for this volume class.