Significantly expanded service

Acceptance of industrial laser melting has seen tangible increases. Accordingly, global demand for 3D technology also continues to grow. Reason enough to adapt our service appropriately to meet the market's growing requirements.

Head of Service Ulrich Albanus and his team expanded the service location in China and supported our new service partners in Singapore in expanding their capabilities in this regard.

Ulrich Albanus: "Within the scope of after sales and to ensure comprehensive customer support, our service department has developed into a strategic module within Concept Laser which effectively provides customers with advice and assistance over the entire lifecycle." Company management took decisive action in 2013 to support this ambition: the service team grew in size by 50% over the previous year.

The most important responsibilities of our service department include maintenance, telephone support, training and installations. If questions arise, you can contact Ulrich Albanus and his team at: