Falcontech 3D Innovation (China) and Concept Laser want to cooperate

During the course of a trip to China by Frank Herzog (President & CEO, Concept Laser) and Oliver Edelmann (Vice President Global Sales & Marketing, Concept Laser), a letter of intent was signed with Prof. Xinhua Wu from Falcontech 3D Innovation (CN) in Wuxi (CN) for a future cooperation between the two companies. Falcontech 3D Innovation will be engaged as a reseller for Concept Laser for the Chinese aviation industry.

Falcontech 3D Innovation has business relationships stretching back over many years with the Chinese aircraft manufacturers. The company boasts a high level of know-how when it comes to aeronautical applications as well as using and validating safety-critical components in this sector. In addition, the company already has practical experience of working in the field of additive manufacturing with metal and specifically with the machine solutions from Concept Laser. For instance, the partner already has an X line 1000R and therefore has very good knowledge when it comes to process design and constructing parts with a large volume. 

Falcontech 3D Innovation will provide advice and support to potential customers in relation to application and validation questions as well as machine procurement. There are also plans for the company to take over future training and service activities.