Further development of the parameter concept: open and variable

Technological leadership and customer focus form a key part of the blueprint for Concept Laser’s corporate philosophy. This is why our parameter concept has been developed further in order to make it even more customer-friendly and user-friendly.

The parameters which are supplied free with the machine and materials now allow users to vary the most important setting characteristics. This enables the customer to make appropriate optimizations.

For all users that want to develop and qualify parameters independently, the new Parameter Editor (CL WRX Parameter) from Concept Laser offers all the freedoms they need. It allows all setting characteristics to be viewed and adapted individually. Users therefore have the same options for editing parameters available to them as our RnD department. The requirement for this is participation in training which teaches how to use this new freedom and how to operate the Editor. In this context, the user is given a parameter for the material they have acquired openly for editing. There is the option to acquire further open parameters.

The new Parameter Editor will be launched on the market at the beginning of October 2016. Talk to us about it!