Advancing technology: Intensified knowledge generation

Knowledge generation in R&D is an important stimulus for our capacity to innovate and the speed of our innovation. Creativity and innovation are key aspects of technology design and our future success. The strategic importance of our R&D department is also reflected clearly in the number of employees: Our development center currently employs a staff of 60. In addition, Concept Laser GmbH is partner of numerous research and development co-operations with universities, technical-scientific institutions and industrial companies.

Most recently, we have been working on how we can generate knowledge in a more structured manner, and use it more specifically for new developments. The R&D staff currently produce roughly 3-4 test reports every day, which are systematically evaluated and investigated for concrete applications. Patents prove how capable our innovation management is. Concept Laser GmbH is owner of more than 50 granted patents. At present, the company owns approx. 100 pending patent applications. The majority of the patent applications will be granted in the near future. The number of inventions applied for patents by the company has been steadily growing.

In future, our R&D efforts will be intensified, to highlight and build on our role as a technology leader.