First staff meeting held in the USA

In 2015, the USA will remain a hotspot for additive manufacturing. So our “Team USA” will continue to grow. Concept Laser Inc. already employs a staff of over ten in sales, application technology and service.

On June 18, 2015, all of the US employees came together in the Dallas office to attend the first full staff meeting in person. Frank Herzog, CEO of Concept Laser GmbH, and John Murray, CEO of Concept Laser Inc., were there to answer questions from employees. Frank Herzog reviewed the successful 2014 business year and gave some insight into 2015, which will be no less successful. Topics included the short and medium-term company goals, structural adjustments and the expansion plans  for the Lichtenfels location.

The expansion of the USA location was also an important topic, as it is already bursting at the seams. As a result, the office will move into new premises as early as fall 2015. This new location will also feature its own demonstration center/benchmarking facility. Visitors to Concept Laser Inc. can then experience the machinery and system technology for themselves. Also, the US CRM system is to be networked even more with Concept Laser's. “We want to use as many synergies as possible on both sides of the Atlantic, and share as much information, to make our campaigns and services more effective,” comments Frank Herzog. When it comes to market development and plans, Team USA remains focused on growth.