• Additive manufacturing for mold and tool making
    Source: Siegfried Hofmann GmbH
  • Metal 3D printing mould insert screw cap with close-contour cooling
    Source: Siegfried Hofmann GmbH
  • Metal 3D printing drill mold and tool making
    Source: MAPAL Dr. Kress KG
  • Mold insert handle Miele vacuum cleaner, parallel cooling
    Source: Miele & Cie. KG
  • Kardanwellen Additive Fertigung Concept Laser
    Source: Concept Laser GmbH

Economical solutions for tooling and mould-making

Securing competitive advantages and getting to the market faster is the name of the game  nowadays in almost all sectors of industry. As a renowned supplier to the plastics-processing industry and in aluminium die-casting, Concept Laser GmbH benefits from having many years of experience.

In order to be able to deliver moulds with optimum temperature control to customers, Hofmann Werkzeugbau has been using LaserCUSING® technology to produce mould inserts with close-contour cooling for the last 10 years.

The LaserCUSING® technology guarantees quality optimisation, cycle time reduction and thus a reduction in unit costs. These advantages are highly valued by Hofmann Werkzeugbau customers!

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Here you can find some customer statements:

"The key aspect is a cycle time reduction coupled with safeguarding of the quality. This is possible thanks to close-contour cooling with LaserCUSING® inserts. In addition, we have advantages arising from freedom from warping, fewer sink marks and thus a tendency for less scrap. This is only 3-4%, which is a decent figure for ABS high-gloss parts."

Dr. Jürgen Jahn, Manager Miele Plant in Warendorf 


"But what particularly persuaded me were the practical training measures. And not least the application of and training in the patented close-contour surface or parallel cooling by Werkzeugbau Siegfried Hofmann. This practical relevance can effectively only arise directly in mould-making. We as a partner are very happy to be able to tap into this wealth of experience."

Erwin Gottschall, Senior consultant of LPT Laserpräzisionstechnik GmbH

"One of our long-term performers is the S5 vacuum cleaner, which has been manufactured since the autumn of 2004. Each day, approx. 4,000 parts for the individual vacuum cleaner housing components are produced on a total of three moulds with LaserCUSING® inserts. Around 880,000 parts are made each year. With about seven years of service to date, a total of some 6 million parts have been produced using the three moulds. This equates to two million parts per mould. Apart from the standard maintenance and prevention measures, the correct operation of the close-contour cooling is still guaranteed in full.

“Dr. Jürgen Jahn, Manager Miele Plant in Warendorf

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