• Additiv gefertigtes Demobauteil Luftfahrtindustrie
    Source: Nanyang Polytechnic
  • 3D-Metalldruck Demo Lutfahrtindustrie
    Source: Materials Solutions Ltd.
  • X line Leichtbau Getriebebauteil Luftfahrtindustrie
    Source: Poly-Shape
  • Topologioptimierte Rohrbrennkammer Luftfahrtindustrie
    Source: Concept Laser GmbH
  • Demo Flügel Leichtbau 3D-Metalldruck
    Source: RSC Engineering GmbH

Customer Stories


Impetus from aerospace

With many different applications, the aerospace industry creates impressive impetus for additive manufacturing.

Applications that are extremely demanding and as safety-critical 3D designs feature the highest level of quality. The requirements profiles for the components and the level of certification in the industry are among the most ambitious challenges for all industries when it comes to the choice of material as well as machine and plant technology.

An additively manufactured component for aircraft, turbines or rockets should not just be available quickly. It is often also about strategic lightweight design to save resources.

Thanks to a CAD design that suits the process, these additive components have a completely new design. But what counts above all else is that  these components can be manufactured more efficiently, more durably and with much more conservation of resources than conventional parts made using traditional methods of machining or metal casting.